The True Story of a Mountain Moonshiner

While Marvin popcorn Sutton was alive, he sold the book ME AND MY LIKKER. But after his death on March 16, 2009, the book was sold illegally by people who did not have the rights to sell the book or alter the original text.As author of the book at his request, I held the copyright to ME AND MY LIKKER, and on March 27, 2009, legally transferred the copyright to Regina Sutton, M.D., his first legitimate child, who established the Marvin Popcorn Sutton Foundation to help provide for the welfare of his children and grandchildren.

Popcorn fathered many children (perhaps as many as 12, each by a different mother), but did not support or acknowledge their existence. He never bothered to divorce many of his wives and shamefully neglected his considerable parental responsibilities.

His children learned of his inappropriate removal from his final resting place to serve as the centerpiece in his last wife’s televised media circus memorial service. As part of this final “tribute” to him, this woman ignored one of his few documented final requests which was to be buried near his mother and father at the bend of the river. Instead, she re-buried him in her front yard in an attempt to exploit his memory further for her own gain.

However, as a result of the exploitative memorial service, five of his children met for the first time and decided to use his legacy to finally provide assistance to his biological descendants he had ignored in life.

I wrote, encouraged, assisted, and promoted the original book, which helped to fuel his rise to fame and folkloric publicity. With gratitude, I invite you to buy the original book and its revised additions with the copyright properly noted to finally provide support to his descendants.

Ernestine Edwards Upchurch
March 16, 2010

Me and My Likker
By Popcorn Sutton

Popcorn Says…
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Daddy Moonshine
by Sky Sutton
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